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Doulas do that?

Dear Doula,

I was so unbelievably relieved seeing your face when I opened my door yesterday. With Joe back to work now, and my Mom gone back home last week, I just can’t seem to get anything done with taking care of our new little one.

I was tired and feeling alone before you arrived, and unsure if I was doing the right things to care for my Ellie Bean. I love calling her that, she’s so small and such a cutie with her dad’s nose and ears!

I was so embarrassed that I was still in my sweats from the day before, but you paid no mind as we walked to the living room. You sat with me and expertly folded my basket of laundry while I talked. You listened to my ramblings and made me feel like I was not alone as your calm presence helped me feel safe as I fed Ellie. When you told me that it was normal and OK to feel this way because I’m learning to be a great Mom, and Ellie an I are learning to “talk” to each other. Such precious grunts and squeaks she makes! (crying in the night I’m not sure of yet) 😊

I wanted to thank you for taking care of me yesterday. Your holding Ellie, while I had a most gloriously needed shower was almost magical. Well, that and the quick snooze after! 😊 I couldn’t help it, the bed felt so nice, and someone covered me up nice and cozy to! Joe was so thankful to have a hot meal to come home to, and a break from loading the dishwasher. We actually had a chance to snuggle a bit! He’s tired from being up a night as well.

Thank you so much for taking care of our family.

Much love, Rachel, Joe, and Ellie Bean

p.s. I just found some fruit cut up in the fridge! You are amazing!

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