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The Soul of a Doula

Its not just what a Doula does, but what a Doula leaves behind.

That raw moment when you feel like you are alone, trying to figure out the “Mom stuff”, and all the overwhelming Mom emotions hit you like a landslide.

You feel lost and wondering,

“am I doing it right”.

All the other Moms out there seem to have their stuff together,

“so what am I doing wrong?”

Who do you ask for help when everyone seems to be giving you their advice.

Is there anyone out there who will just listen to me without judging me, or rolling their eyes at me?

Is there someone out there that will help me find out how to get through this with my mind intact?

The answer is unequivocally, YES!

Your professional Postpartum Doula can help you walk through that transition of who you were before your little one arrived, to the direction of that new you that you are becoming. She can help you feel safe to vent, or ask questions, without the fear of feeling judged. Being "your person", she can help you find your strength and confidence, by being your guide and support, while you are learning to care for yourself and your baby.





That is what the soul of a Doula leaves behind.

You CAN know what to do.

You CAN be enough.

Written by Tara Mehrer

Mountain Valley Doula

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