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Postpartum Eats

It is important to eat a well-balanced diet after the birth of your baby. It is one of the things you can do to practice self-care, so you can care for your new addition. Even if you have been eating well during pregnancy, you will still need to continue to do so. Your body has created a whole new person, and it requires the nutrients to help it recover. The best way to do this is to eat a variety of healthy foods.

A rainbow diet, or a diet that includes a sample of different colours of fruit and vegetables will give you a range of vitamins and minerals. Complex carbohydrates, including whole grain bread, pasta, and cereals, will help add fibre to your system and last longer than simple carbohydrates. Keep a water bottle handy, it will help you remember to hydrate your body. If you are breastfeeding it will help your body produce milk, and if bottle feeding, you will hydrate yourself, and it will help you recover quicker by helping your body eliminate wastes.

Concerned about the baby tummy? Don’t worry about dieting yet, it took 9 months to put on your baby weight, give yourself 9 months to take it off. Breastfeeding will help you loose weight faster because it is working to make milk to feed your baby. Wait until your first postpartum checkup to talk to your caregiver about a weight loss program.

Consider hiring a Postpartum Doula. Mountain Valley Doula can help with some meals and clean-up so you can rest and bond with your baby.

Rainbow diet, complex carbs, and lots of water. Take care of yourself, and you will gain strength each day for the adventure of being a parent to a brand new little human!

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